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The Center For Holistic Educations

Your Life is a Sacred Journey... and you are on your Path

Online Classes Coming Soon!

The Holistic Series & Certification for Holistic Educator~Annette DiStefano, CMHH, CRM, CLNH

Don't miss out on this life changing Series.

Holistic Nutrition/pH Balancing


Body Systems (and effective herbal formulas)

Cardiovascular Health Solutions. NEW! Your Own Health Assessment.

Emotional Healing


Energy/Chakra Work


Advanced Iridology and Charting

Legal Practicum/Business/Review


Dear Annette

"I was amazed at the amount of information I learned from you.

I never expected so much in such a short time. Even after the course was completed you have continued to assist with any help I have needed with any treatment plans. You are delightful to listen to and the time just flew by in class. I hope you plan more classes as I look forward to taking advantage of your wealth of knowledge."

Jonnie O'Connor, RN.

(More testimonials about the Course.)